The Main idea

Village Kids Nursery is dedicated to providing a safe, stimulating, creative, respectful, and nurturing environment for students, families, and teaching staff. Children between the ages of two and five years are being introduced to the world outside their family for the first time. The right community and emotional environment allows children to feel free to try new things, ask questions, explore ideas, build new relationships, and discover themselves.

Children here are encouraged to create, experiment, and investigate their world in an optimal setting where the emotional dynamic, physical space, and schedule of experiences are designed to help them succeed and flourish.

Village Kids Nursery provides:

  • - An attractive, convenient, safe environment
  • - Small classes
  • - Well-trained, highly qualified teachers
  • - High teacher to student ratio
  • - A developmental^ appropriate curriculum that truly comes from the children and their individual needs
  • - Well-equipped classrooms with a broad range of activities
  • - A large indoor gym space geared toward gross motor stimulation
  • - Music and art built into the curriculum
  • - An experienced, on-going school counselor to help with kindergarten placement
  • - Extended day option with last hour taught in Spanish - FUN, FUN, FUN!
  • - Our site is supported by kids designers boutique